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See, website domains age like fine wine: the older, the superior it is in the ‘eyes’ of Search Engines like Google. Even with the best content and heavy SEO marketing, fresh new domains take between a couple of weeks to as high as 9 months to escape the Google Sandbox. Because Google wants to serve credible content to its visitors, and will thus take time to develop trust with fresh domains. But old legacy domains that were previously indexed to its search database shoot to the top in a matter of weeks if not days. Its like taking part in an international marathon, but with the sole advantage of legally starting near the finishing line: you will be assured of the Gold medal.

Why buy aged domains with history?

Traffic Bonus

At the beginning, you gain additional traffic to the website from existing backlinks (e.g. on forums, partner websites and various places from which the legacy domain is still linked). Another traffic source from people who remember the domain address. Some domains already have a high reputation in their niche market. This is a good bonus since it takes a lot of time, money and effort to build a good reputation.

Leveraging existing SEO

With a new domain, you will have to work harder to establish its authority. You will need to create new inbound links, and this takes long for results to become visible. With a legacy domain, you can leverage its existing SEO value to start ranking in Google faster. The previous SEO density (backlinks, citations) becomes yours. Just a few days/weeks after launching the website, your content has a chance to rank very high.

Instant site authority

When you obtain an aged domain name that matches your niche, you can quickly launch a reputable website that already has some authority on search engines. This makes it easier to rank in Google et al and gain organic traffic from the very beginning, rather than spending years slowly building site authority. With a legacy domain, you gain the full potential of a domain whose links have been built for years (sometimes decades).

Traffic Redirection

If you rely on affiliate marketing to generate income, you can use aged domains to redirect to affiliate sites and generate income. Legacy sites are easy to redirect to affiliate site with the clicks of a few buttons using inbuilt 301 Redirects in Cpanels. Again, if the expired domain has high SEO value gained over the years, all of that ranking value will be transferred to your main website. This is a legal "underground stealth tactics" for instant and cheap traffic, subscribers and profits.

Short and Easy to spell

Choosing a beautiful domain name is an art. The problem is that most good domain names (short, easy to spell, and recognizable) are already taken. This is not only for common domains like .com but also for national TLDs like .co.ke. By grabbing an existing domain, you get a short and juicy url that is memorable for visitors, and trusted by the search engines. This huge competitive advantage propels an increase in direct traffic and visibility in organic search results much faster.

Resell Website/Domain at a profit

Another reason people buy expired domains is simply to sell them. If, after purchasing an aged domain, you do not plan to use it yourself, then you can simply build a small site and sell it and make a good profit. This is in online marketplaces like Flippa where hundreds of online businesses are sold every day. You can also later resell the domain as-is for a higher price. This is a juicy grab for the first person to recognize what a potential gold mine an aged domain is.

We are Hunters & Gatherers for domains - Bringing you Kenya's Top .Co.Ke Domains Auction

We are updating the list daily, adding at least two powerful domains every day. We handpick the High Authority Aged Domains with intricate care, checking for validity of backlinks, spamming level, archived pages in Web Time Machine, ensuring we bring you the best grabs. We focus on quality, not quantity – our goal is to be the one of the best resources for aged, high authority domains in the internet. And we will always price these medals at the lowest price to make them accessible to all.

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16 Sep, 2023
Kenyan TLD
Registered since 2012. Was a premium domain serving as informational…
17 Oct, 2023
.de German TLD
This is a 11 year old German TLD domain, in…
16 Oct, 2023
Kenyan TLD
18 Oct, 2023
Kenyan TLD
TsavoNationalPark.co.ke is available for sale as a domain. It has…
12 Oct, 2023
Kenyan TLD
The price is negotiable. Please talk to us via the…
16 Oct, 2023
Kenyan TLD
Powerful domain, with powerful backlinks from the who-is-who in the…

Incredibly Easy: How to get your desired domain

Grab a Domain in our List

Grab a Domain in our List

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After selecting your domain of choice from our marketplace of aged high authority SEO domains, add it to the cart, and proceed to make payment as per the available payment methods. Do you have any queries? We are happy to answer all your questions before you make the purchase. You can contact us via the contact us page. We will guide you freely till the domain transfer is confirmed.
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We Transfer the Domain to Your Host

We Transfer the Domain to Your Host

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We will contact you immediately after the payment is received to execute the domain transfer. The transfer procedure is simple: we will send you the domain and its EPP Code. The EPP Code is basically a password for a domain name. It is a security measure, ensuring that only the domain name owner can transfer a domain name. In most cases the DNS propagates within a few hours, upto a maximum of 48hrs.
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Backlink Juice Recovery Strategies

Backlink Juice Recovery Strategies

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As part of our Expert Aftersale Service, we will smoothly guide you in maximising the full benefits of the acquired digital asset. This includes, but not limited to, 301 Redirects to transfer backlinks and and SEO power to another domain, links cleanups (disavow), et al.

We can also help with WordPress installation & Web-Design (at a friendly cost).
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